David Francisco

Throughout the over 14 years he’s been involved in pro-wrestling, David Francisco has played many roles: event production assistant, commentator, ring announcer, referee and, of course, wrestler. He leads the Purpose team and is in charge of running the events.

“Promotions like Purpose are the backbone of indie wrestling here and around the world, and I’m excited for the opportunity to bring these shows to wrestling fans in London and around the country.”

Head of Customer Experience
Kealy Hastick

Having worked in the field of Costumer Service all of her life, almost half of these in leadership and management positions, Kealy Hastick has over 10 years of knowledge and experience she brings to the table.

“I’ve always had so much fun attending wrestling shows live and I’m looking forward to being able to contribute for our fans to have as good of an experience as I’ve always had!”

Head of Production
Bobby Davies

A lifelong wrestling fan, Bobby Davis has headed up production for stand-up comedy and live music for over 8 years. He was featured on the BBC’s ‘Life Through My Lens’ for his roller derby documentary ‘Start the Jam’ .

“There is nothing like going to a British wrestling show, the atmosphere and excitement is next level and I’m really looking forward to working on something I’ve been passionate about for so long!”