Our original date for tickets to go on sale was 25 June (pre-sale exclusive to Newsletter Subscribers on 22 June). It was scheduled this way as it was the day after government planned to ease restrictions related with Covid-19. We respect our fans’ time and money, so we didn’t want to give you tickets for a show without 100% guarantee that show would go ahead on the day announced.

Due to yesterday’s announcement, and wanting to stick to our principles, we are delaying ticket sale date to 21 July (Pre-sale exclusive to Newsletter Subscribers on 20 July). We are confident our first show, Feels Like Summer, will happen on 13 August as planned, but we don’t feel it’s right to ask for a commitment from you without circumstances allowing us to match that level of commitment.

We hope you understand this decision and that you still want to be a part of our first show, where we look forward to kick off the best way possible and with all of you! If you have any queries, please email us at mail@purposewrestling.com.